40300682 - summer backgroundWith the final graduation celebration finally over, we can now officially declare that the summer season is here – and, the weather backs that up!


Now is the time of year when families enjoy spending quality time together – and, try hard to stay cool. Taking trips to the river or the lake are both fun ways to enjoy a fun day together. And, even staying around the house with a picnic blanket is a fun way to spend an afternoon.


But, regardless of what your summertime plans are, there is always a concern for budget. Keeping the summertime budget under wraps so that you can use your money for those fun trips is a top priority.


And, one great way to reduce your summertime budget is to save money on your utility bills. The summertime is when most households see a dramatic increase in their power and water bills. This is usually because there are more people in the house using the utilities with the kids home from school.


But, luckily there are some things that you can do to ensure that your home is as energy-efficient as possible this summer – while still enjoying your time off!


Here are just a few tips for you to follow this summer season:


  • Make sure that your water heater thermostat is set to no higher than 120. This is the ideal temperature for providing hot water to your home, while keeping your system as energy-efficient as possible. And, it will ensure that no one is inadvertently scalded by hot water.
  • Wash your clothes in cold water instead of hot water. You can wash your towels and linens on hot water, but clothes and other articles of laundry will get just as clean in cold water and it will save you money on your power bill.
  • Keep your blinds closed in the rooms where the sun is hitting during that time of the day. Not allowing the direct sunlight to stream into a window can reduce the temperature in that room by up to three degrees. Consider planting a tree or large bush in front of windows that get especially hot


Make sure that you and your family have an awesome summer season this year by keeping your home energy-efficient. These few tips will have a big impact, and you can take the money that you save on your power bill and use it for a trip to a waterpark!

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