7675439_sThis is the time of year when many families start to think about planning their goals, projects and trips for the new year.


One thing that helps with saving the money for these events is to keep track of monthly expenses like your utility bills.


Not only is it important to your budget to keep track of your monthly utility bills but, it is also a good thing to be energy-efficient to help the environment.


Here are a few ways that you and your family can improve your energy efficiency in the coming year:


  • Make it a family affair. No matter how old your kiddos are, it is important to make sure that everyone in the household knows how important it is to be energy-efficient. Things like turning the light off when you leave a room can make a huge difference and even preschoolers can understand that concept and help to make it happen. If you get everyone on board – they can all remind each other and that will help you from having to be the bad guy.
  • Switch to LED where you can. As you are taking down your holiday lighting and putting it away for the season – double check to make sure that everything has an LED bulb and replace those that don’t. LED bulbs burn much brighter but they lose a lot less electricity than regular bulbs. Consider switching out your indoor and outdoor lighting as well. Any lamps in your home or lights in your bathroom vanity should be switched to LED as they are used several times throughout the day. Outdoor lighting like your porch light should also be replaced with LED lights – especially if you have the lights on all night while you are sleeping
  • With the cold weather it is important to be thoughtful about how much you are using your heater. Experiment a little with the thermostat and find the lowest temperature that you can set it to without being uncomfortable. Put some flannel sheets and heavy blankets on the beds in your home so that you can set the thermostat even a couple of degrees lower at night and still be comfortable.


Keep your home as efficient as possible and your utility bills under wraps by following these tips. Your vacation budget will thank you!


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