15846129_sMany homeowners have been hard at work over the last few months trying to get their home and yard all spring cleaned.

Activities like cleaning out the garage, planting the garden, and organizing the various closets inside of the home are all favorites for the spring season.

But, the spring is coming to an end and the summer months are just around the corner. This is the time of year when people start to shift gears from cleaning and organizing to relaxing and hosting.

The summer months are great for spending time in your beautifully landscaped yard, and staying cool in the pool or water feature. Having friends and family over for barbecues is a nice, low-key way to share your space and enjoy quality time.

But, with this outdoor event hosting often comes some temporary electrical set-ups to accommodate things like a blender, radio, small refrigerator, or fan.

When it comes to bringing electricity outdoors and closer to water … it is essential that you follow these safety tips to keep the focus on fun and not on treating serious injuries:

Keep all outdoor electrical outlets covered when they are not in use. Often, the excitement and chaos of an outdoor event filled with people deters focus from unsafe conditions and toddlers are able to get themselves into some sticky situations.

If you are using extension cords, make sure they are placed in such a way that they are clear of any foot traffic. It is easy for an excited dog or a child to grab ahold of an extension cords and start running. This could spell disaster.

Never leave radios, fans, or other electrical items near water where they could accidentally get knocked in. Often, at a backyard barbecue, people are rushing around to chase a child or to run and get an item from inside the house, and it is too easy for things to get knocked over.

Keep all of your outdoor events and barbecues safe this summer by focusing on these tips for making sure that water and electricity do not get near each other. While it is fine to bring electricity outdoors, it should be done safely and in a way that does not put you or your family at risk.


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