14814927_sSeeing a break in the weather is exciting for most of us. Just those few days of sunshine are enough to energize and inspire us to get moving around the house and starting thinking about a spring cleaning to-do list.

During the summer months, activities outdoors are preferred, and with the extra daylight that we get during the summer months, our outdoor activities can go well into the evening. Things like barbeques, playing in the swimming pool, and relaxing in the hammock are all fun ways to spend time during the summer months.

But, the summer is also a time of year when the power bill can get out of control. As you are putting together your spring cleaning checklist and planning how to spend your summer months, be thoughtful of these tips for being energy-efficient:

  • Ceiling fans. Take advantage of the breeze from the ceiling fan and keep your air conditioner turned off while you sleep during the summer months to really keep your power bill on track. Pay close attention to the bedrooms in your home when planning ceiling fan installations. Which ones have the most amount of direct sunlight going into the evening hours.
  • UV window treatments. Having the direct sunlight streaming right into your living room through the windows can cause your thermostat to keep the air conditioner on around the clock. UV window treatments work to block the direct sunlight and keep your home a full 2 to 5 degrees cooler.
  • Have your heating and cooling system inspected before the seasons fully transition. Making sure that your heating system is in good shape to be put to rest for the season, and that your cooling system is ready for the heavy use of summer is a great way to ensure the longevity of your HVAC. A trained technician will be able to check your system for you and an electrician can look into installing the ceiling fans for you.

Tasks like cleaning out the garage and donating things we don’t need, having garage sales, or just switching out the winter bed linens for cooler materials are all favorite activities for the spring cleaning season that is just around the corner.



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