46661440_sIf you have hung lights inside and outside of your home to add holiday cheer, this is the time to start thinking about taking them down.

Some people take their holiday lights down immediately after the chaos of unwrapping presents has ended, and others prefer to wait until after the New Year’s celebration.

Regardless of which camp you are in, it is important to take down your lights carefully and store them properly.

Holiday lights are put away for ten to eleven months, depending on your traditions, and this means that they are at risk for damage while they are being stored.

Follow these tips for removing and storing your holiday lights so that they are safe to use again next year:

  • If you have outdoor holiday lights, climb the ladder and remove them individually from the gutter clips they are installed with. Then, store the gutter clips for use again next year. Never pull on the strand while standing on the ground. This could not only cause damage to your gutters and/or roof, but it could cause damage to the electrical wiring of the lights and lead to fire.
  • Once you have taken your lights down, wrap each strand around a plastic or cardboard tube being careful not to overlap any of the wiring or lights. Keep one strand per tube, rather than trying to combine a bunch of strands onto one tube. The idea here is to keep everything neat and separate, so you want to make sure and only wrap one single strand around each tube.
  • When you put the wrapped up lights away, make sure they go into a sturdy plastic box that has a tight sealing lid. Storing holiday lights for most of the year means that they are at risk for damage from water and rodents throughout the year. Keeping them in plastic boxes protects them from both.

As you are putting together your plan for removing and storing your holiday lighting, make sure to follow these tips for getting the job done safely and properly. A little extra effort now will save time and money next year when you bring the holiday lights out of storage to install again.


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